• Fleetwood Studs

Fleetwood Studs

  • $9.95
These beautiful pieces are made here in Toowoomba, QLD using leftover fabrics from our Scrunchies, Bucket Hats and other little (or big) miscellaneous fabric projects and wooden backings.

Due to the fabrics we use - many prints are too large to be completely show on these studs which means that in a majority of cases, what you'll be receiving is something 100% unique to your ears!

By purchasing a pair of our fabric studs, you are also helping us reduce our fabric waste and contributing to our pledge to be as sustainable as possible... Which is a pretty cool thing! Please also note that there may be minor darker strains in the colour of the wood due to them being "Au Natural" as we're not into just picking out "The pretty ones" to help us reduce our wastage.

P.s Many of these will also match something else in our store - whether it's a Bucket Hat or Scrunchies so check out our "Matching" collection to find its buddy!