You won’t find any pretty packaging around here! 

During our research and development stage of our business, we watched SO MANY interviews with CEO’s, Clothing Designers and Influential People around the world to find out what mistakes they made, so we didn’t have to make any pre-made mistakes and could focus on making our own!

One of the biggest things that these people wished they could go back and change is making their brands more sustainable. In an interview with Jane Lu, CEO of Showpo - She spoke about how one of the biggest things that newer brands had over them that they weren’t able to compete with just yet, was their sustainability within their business.

Going Green, Being Eco Friendly and Sustainability is one of the top things that people my age really care about, and why wouldn’t we? We only have one Earth to live on, we’re having a tonne of problems crop up all at once that have to do with the Earth and Recycling and we want a future. 

Our first step was becoming a Better Friend, thanks to partnering with The Better Packaging Co and more recently Hero Packaging! Ps. You can read more via our Better Friends Link at the bottom of the page! 

The Better Packaging Co and Hero Packaging provides us with Compostable mailing bags made from plant based materials, which means no unnecessary plastic packaging AND they even have some cool tips and tricks on how you can reuse the bags BEFORE you throw them in your compost or worm farm to ensure you’re getting the maximum use out of them! 

We also reuse packaging that’s sent to us with our materials and products in them and use them for storage before recycling them once they’re worn! 

You’ll also notice that we use cardboard boxes to keep your earrings safe in the mail instead of backing cards and plastic slips. These also have many many extra uses! 

Hello sticker bombing and you've got yourself a new jewellery box!

While that’s just a few things we do to ensure we’re being the best we can be - we definitely still have things to improve on! 

Our next improvements on our list is to create more environmentally friendly earrings, replace our business and thank you cards with recycled materials and continue our up cycle initiatives! 

It’s incredibly easy as a business to cut corners to increase profits, because just like eating healthy - sustainable materials and products come at a slightly higher price tag. However with your help, the bigger we’re growing, the more we’re able to invest in both ourselves and the environment. 

If you have any ideas on how we can become an even BETTER friend to the world, please don’t hesitate to email us at