With a gigantic increase in online shopping due to the dreaded C-Word, it’s more important than ever that we are 100% transparent with our processes so that you understand how we work, our timeframes and why we may differ from other businesses that you may be ordering from as well! 

If you have any questions or concerns about your order then please don’t hesitate to email us at and we’ll aim to get back to you within two business days!


1. We pop up some new releases every Saturday @ 10am (QLD time)! You browse, find some goodies, add them to cart and finalise your order with either PayPal (or Credit Card via the guest checkout), Afterpay or Laybuy.

2. We do a happy dance and our five business day clock kicks off! 


3. We put the kids to bed (yay!) and create a list and pull all of the goodies we need to pack orders so we can start sewing or assembling any extras that we need to fulfill them! 

4. We begin sewing or assembling any items that haven’t already been done!



5. We put the kids to bed (my favourite time of day again) and then keep sewing and assembling if we didn’t finish the night before!

6. We create the labels, generate tracking numbers and print the labels. This will be the first “event” that shows up on your tracking under “Information Received... etc etc”. If you also have the Aus Post app on your phone you’re tracking should automatically be added to your list! Ps. We 100% recommend this app!



7. We put the kids to bed (it’s usually Wednesday so they’ll fight it tonight) and usually have a few final pieces to assemble and sew. We also start pulling any extra orders that have dribbled in at the start of the week and integrate them into our production line! 

8. We start prepping our packaging which includes assembling our mailing boxes, sticking labels onto our compostable mailers and cleaning up our work area - ready to pack your orders!

9. If we’re super organised then we may even be able to start packing orders! 


10. After the kids are in bed again... We finally begin packing orders!

11. We also email all of your tracking numbers to say that if you’re order hasn’t already been posted - it will be within the next 24hrs!



12. We post any orders that morning that we managed to pack the night before and finish packing the rest of your orders from the previous week to get them in the post before the cut off as well - which admittedly sometimes we miss depending on if the kids have been feral or if we’ve had a little more to send out than usual but in that case they’ll always be posted by midday Saturday before the Post Office closes! This is why we say five business days however which gives us the whole week and weekend to give us some leeway to work around our babies! 

13. We also begin any admin tasks of contacting anyone who may have an issue with their order such as missing items we’ve been unable to fulfil (etc breakages when drilling or website oversells which may happen when we’re super busy and too many people checkout with the same item at the same time!) and offer refunds or store credits for our release the next day! 


Sometimes we’re quicker and other times we take up our full timeframe however this does mean we have some big nights during the week! 

It’s incredibly important to us that you also read our shipping information prior to purchasing (especially if you’re placing your first order!!) as we are aware this can make it feel like it takes agessss to get your goodies because we do have two little humans to work around along with fighting with the current blown out timeframes with Australia Post. 

You can access our shipping policy at the bottom of our homepage which has more information on everything from how we post, tracking update delays (we are working on streamlining processes so that we can post at the Post office instead of the PO Box) and what to do in the case that your orders gone MIA which happens on the odd occasion! 

We aim to be 100% transparent about our process and have all of this information readily available to you so that you can access it at any hour of the day if you have a question that may be able to be answered here or within our policies. We are also constantly reviewing how we do things to both improve how we do things. 

As always though! If you have any questions or concerns (or suggestions!) then don’t hesitate to pop us an email and we’re more than happy to answer them! 

Thanks for supporting small*! 
The Corduroy Club x


*Ps. This was 100% a short joke because I’m the smallest person you’ll ever meet.