About Us

 Welcome to Chaotic Way and enter our dream world where rubber ducks dangle from ears and the line between entertainment and fashion are dazzlingly blurred! 

In the twentieth century, Coco Chanel persuaded society women that costume jewellery could be just as acceptable as wearing real jewels... and look how far we've come since then! Our accessories are now bold enough to BE the costume! 

Gone are the days where diamonds are a girls best friend, because now we can feel just as fabulous rocking a Lobster Scrunchie in our hair with Rubix Cubes hanging from our ears.

I can confidently confirm that there's absolutely no method to our madness and we never pause to consider that mayyyybee we've taken things too far but we can guarantee that along with our accessories, comes a strong community of women of all different ages and backgrounds. 

From the Mum's who just want to feel a tad playful, the festival goers (now dubbed the wannabe festival goers... thanks Covid) who aren't afraid to be bold, the office workers who want to jazz things up a little and the people just looking for a conversation starter - We have a one size fits all personality policy! 

Because of this, we are constantly bringing a wide range of kooky goodness and searching the ends of the earth to continuously breathe life into items that you wouldn't usually consider for earrings or accessories to accompany ANY occasion... or non occasion! Who actually needs a reason to wear something a little kooky?!

There may have well been 100 different ideas that changed fashion... but we can definitely turn 100 different things into Earrings!

The Chaotic Way team x