Introducing: Chaotic Way!

"All great changes are preceded by chaos" - Unknown. 

Now that all of our paperwork has been finalised, we're registered and we're finally ready to get the ball rolling... We are extremely excited to finally announce the official rebranding of The Corduroy Club! 

If you're in our little facebook group, then you would have already been aware of this change - however if you're not then this will be the first you're hearing about it... eeekk! 

A few things happened in the lead up to reaching this decision including me getting sick of the mouthful that "Corduroy" was, as well as explaining to people what it was. Ps. If you don't know either, it's a retro-y fabric! 

Most importantly though: It was deciding on whether I needed to start getting serious about this and growing with it into more than just 'something I started so that I could stay home with the kids', or whether I was going to pull back to where I was comfortable and had more time to just take it easy and to put it politely... dick around with things until I eventually went back to a office job. 

If you didn't guess - I realised that it was time to take it seriously and that I have something really special here with really strong foundations that I want to continue to grow into something bigger than just a little Scrunchie store. 

But to begin our revamp and kick off an actual business plan... 

Inspired from the absolute chaos that is currently my life with two kids under three and a business that is constantly chaotic - thanks to you all which I'm incredibly grateful for... I would like to formally introduce you to... *DRUM ROLLLLLLL* 

We will be slowly changing everything over up until the 1st November to give everyone time to be aware of this change AND you'll still be able to use because we know that there will be a little transition period however you'll notice that there'll be daily changes to our branding as we roll this out over our multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Email, Pinterest etc). 

I would like to thank you for all of your ongoing support, purchases, sharing posts, telling friends about us and most importantly the banter which has turned into some really cool friendships along the way that has ultimately led to this huge change and some exciting future plans for us! 

Lot's of love and excitement,
Cahlua and the Chaotic Way team x