We went and looked at a STORE FRONT!

Hello my beautiful Chaotic friends! 

I wanted to start doing this in January a bit more... but I can start our new year in Mid-Feb right?! 

To make myself feel like I’ve got my shit a little more together... HAPPY FAKE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 

Right, now that’s out of the way - I do have an actual goal to start blogging my small business journey a little (lot) more, since I’ve had some Facebook memories pop up lately that have been making me feel a little happy and proud on the inside with how far we’ve grown in three years! 

There’s this one post in particular that I just laughed at where I was feeling a lot thankful and a little stressed about packing 59 orders... HAHAHAHAHHAA If only past Cahlua knew what she was in for, which just absolutely blows my mind and reminds me how lucky I actually am! 


The point of this sweet little blog post was to share that we’ve been given the opportunity by our local Council to temporarily fill a local storefront!!! EEEEKKKK! 

This opportunity popped up towards the end of 2020 where the local Council wanted to revive the CBD a little bit by putting small local businesses into empty shopfronts in a bid to both get some foot traffic back into the city and in turn make the empty spaces a little more appealing for businesses to want to rent them out. 

While it’s not 100% guaranteed and it depends on the spaces - we were finally able to go and view a property a few weeks ago which was really exciting! 

It had a really cool feel about it with its warehouse vibe and was in an absolutely perfect spot... but it was huge! We’ve put a pass on this one but we’re definitely hoping that something may pop up soon because this is an incredible opportunity for a predominantly online business! 

There’s just some things that you can’t say no too and we’re super excited to keep you guys updated to see if we do end up doing something we never thought much about doing! 

The Chaotic Way team x