Out with the old year, and in with the New Year!

What a whirlwind of a year - but we made it!

It’s that time again where we recap on our last year and make plans for the new year... or in this case, roll over last years business plans because we didn’t get to do HALF the stuff we wanted to.


Because no one could have predicted being thrown in the deep end of a worldwide pandemic. So if there’s stuff you wanted to do this year but didn’t? That’s ok! Or if you didn’t do much but just feel like you should have done more - that’s perfectly fine too!


Let’s start by tackling 2020 though:

This year was one of the toughest battles to be a small handmade business. I’ve never seen so many small businesses come and go like I have this year - which was absolutely wild!

First there was bushfires, then Covid made its debut and we can’t forget that Brexit happened in between all of the other small and large notable, devastating and down right weird things that came out of this year (Tiger King anyone?).

Not to mention that I somehow managed to have a baby, get married, adopt another puppy and survive this year on about 5hrs sleep as well!

However - despite the odds that seemed like they were stacked against us at (quite a few) times, Chaotic Way continued to absolutely thrive thanks to the support from you.

This year was absolutely insane! We officially rebranded from The Corduroy Club and our growth means that we doubled what we achieved last year in both sales and social media growth.

Whether it was purchasing for yourself or as gifts, commenting, liking and sharing our posts, engaging in a bit of banter with us, telling your friends about us or simply just watching and having a giggle with us in the background - thank you.

Even though our interactions mostly start and end at the computer screen - we’ve laughed together, we’ve cried with you guys and we’ve created some beautiful friendships and relationships on this journey.

We wouldn’t be living this crazy dream of ours if we didn’t have you on our team.


So then what’s happening in 2021?!

We’ve just finished our big yearly business review and planned for next year and WE. ARE. SHOOK.


So... as of the 1st January 2021:

We’ve managed to cut our turn around time frame to taking about two business days to send your goodies out + we’ve really loved sending most of our packages via express postage because it means you all get your hands on goodies super quick!

To keep this train rolling, we’ll be permanently scrapping our free standard tracked shipping on orders over $30 and replacing it with free express postage on all orders over $35 (which is our average order amount according to our analytics anyway!).

We’ve also been paddling up struggle street over the last couple of months with the AUD$ being absolutely rubbish and not looking to improve anytime soon, on top of our suppliers increasing their prices AND with a growing business comes with increased costs - we’ve tried to drag it out as long as we could however we are going to have to have a slight price increase if we’re going to keep growing next year!

This won’t be huge though! We’re not touching anything other than our earrings which will only increase by $2 each.

On top of this - we also want to start giving more back! As of the 1st of January we’ll be partnering with One Tree Planted to donate $1 from every sale towards planting a tree around the world where it’s needed most!

We’re also excited to launch some other products other than Scrunchies and Earrings - but we’ll have more on that in the New Year!

That’s about all we’ve got from the gossip department at the moment, so with that we hope you have as Merry of a Christmas as you can and walk gently into the New Year with as much optimism and hope as you can muster.


To thank you for reading this far - use the code NEWYEAR for 40% off your order until our Annual Boxing Day Sale kicks off on Christmas Day!

The Chaotic Way team x

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