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  • The Drive | Tired Glitter Co

    We're reviving our blog baby, and kicking it off by sitting down with some incredible women, starting with the owner and founder of Tired Glitter Co, Lea! We chat about the raw struggles and the ugly side of motherhood, the incredible message behind Tired Glitter Co and the much needed community she's creating. View Post
  • 01.05.2021

    Wait, so if we’re open now... then what’s happening on the 1st May 2021??? Click through to find out more! View Post
  • We’re Baaaack!

    Surprise! We're baaaaaack! I've realised that I've been taking a couple of weeks Mental Health Break each year, which should just be a holiday BUT I'm a horrible planner so I just work myself into exhaustion... So this is your friendly reminder from someone who doesn't take her own advice to LOOK OUT FOR BURN OUTTTTT!  View Post

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