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  • We went and looked at a STORE FRONT!

    We’re starting our “New Year, New Blog” resolution now - so HAPPY FAKE NEW YEAR! We’ve been inspired by how far we’ve grown (thanks Facebook Memories!) and future opportunities that we’re looking into which have been given to us by our local council! View Post
  • Out with the old year, and in with the New Year!

    It’s that jolly time of year again where we wind down from this year and start preparing for the new year! 
    See what’s changing at Chaotic Way as of 2021 and let us thank you for a killer year - despite the odds! Warning: Sneaky thank you discount code inside! 

    View Post
  • Introducing: Chaotic Way!

    "All great changes are preceded by chaos" and chaos is exactly where we're heading because... WE'RE REBRANDING! View Post

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