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Chaotic Way has been kickin' since 2017 and as of the 1st December 2021 we have shipped over FOUR THOUSAND orders both in Australia and Internationally -
hand making every single Scrunchie here in QLD.

2021 has forced us all to slow down (low-key maybe it was just exhaustion) and reassess what's serving us, what's making us happy and what's actually zapping us of that powerful energy that brews up the confidence within.

Do you feel confident when your cup isn't full?

Our focus for 2022 is bringing back that inner energy, skipping the planning and just DOING the little things makes us feel good. Is it taking the plunge to try a different style? Dying your hair drastically? Setting goals and then setting even smaller goals to make sure you hit those big ones? Starting your own business or just taking time to pick up an old hobby?

Throw a Scrunchie in and LET'S. DO. THIS!

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